City of Cairns

With a superb esplanade and beach to die for why isn’t Cairns my favourite?  DSC01254Because its’ got nothing else. Walk along the Esplanade

and there are few quality restaurants and cafés. The Westfield Shopping Centre typifies things; while it is busy it looks tired and needs updating. There are few upmarket type shops. You need a car to travel around Cairns, without which you are centred around the Esplanade, the RSL ClubIMG_20160203_120142 being my restaurant of choice offering superb meals at reasonable prices with air-con to chill the hottest customer.

As a jumping off place for lots of attractions is it great, but sadly for me has nothing in the town itself.

The big feature in my hotel was the Chinese New Year, hence the sparse decorations IMG_20160203_130442


5 thoughts on “City of Cairns

  1. Check out the Cairns markets today on Grafton Street jw Sherriden St. Open 5am til 3pm.
    Try a fruit smoothy from the stand in the corner by the fruit and veg. Recommend the coconut MILK ( not water) and mango. You’ll see some bizarre fruits at the market such as Lady Finger bananas and trinkets from around the Asia Pacific region.


  2. “Porto” as it’s known is also my personal top spot in that region.
    The term ‘organic’ coconut milk means the coconut tree was fertilised using only recycled anally delivered waste products from living creatures to the exclusion of petrochemical compounds.
    I’m sure you feel a lot healthier now.😃


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