The Great Barrier Reef

Went out in the biggest boat in the harbour the Quicksilver V

.  Journey out took about 1 hour 20 minutes and we moored up besides a pontoon on which there were all sorts of facilities to view the reef. Even standing on the side just looking in it was incredible, I saw a Groper (don’t ask me it is called that), must have bee about 1.5 metres long. Watching the dark space between the pontoon and the boat it was surprising to see luminescent fish all lit up swimming around. Must of the passengers were either Chinese or Japanese and they were all keen to try on Lycra suits and snorkel or scuba dive under supervision. There was a great facility where you could put on a large plastic helmet and could walk under water.It looked like it was straight out of the Walt Disney film “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea”. Sadly my travel insurance (over 70) specifically excluded underwater activities, but I did enjoy their “submarine” a large tube that went underwater. It was very hot, at about 34C I guess. A buffet lunch was provided and we returned to land at about 1630


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