Port Douglas: Beautiful Town

What a wonderful little bijou of a town this place is. Everything is close together, good parking, plenty of shops and places to eat. The natives are friendly and with a tropical monsoon climate the weather is magnificent. With a permanent population on about 4,000 it just gleams quality. The Clintons (Bill and Hilary) have visited the place twice and on one occasion “witnessed” a couple’s wedding. Bill Clinton was dining in a local restaurant when US Secret Service agents advised him of the Twin Towers 9/11 terrorist attacks. With celebrity status like that one can understand why it was voted No. 3 on Australian Traveller magazine’s list of 100 Best Towns In Australia.

When I went out last night the High Street was besieged by a colony of flying foxes, bareback fruit bats. These guys are huge, like 18 inches across. They are only found in this part of Queensland and Papua New Guinea. It was quite scary. Well I was, nobody else seemed bothered as it is a local phenomenon. In the morning the evidence of their visit was everywhere! These bats are the nearest to a Dracula type horror movie I’ve come across.


Now why one needs advice like this can only be a guess!

The Clink Theatre, lovely building




The heritage



The marina – fantastic fairy-tale quality




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